Jedi Training Leia 3D printed parts

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Head to for info on the other parts of this build!

I sliced, printed, finished, and painted all the 3D printed parts myself on a Creality CR-10S with a PEI sheet on the bed in black PLA .

This build started with the helmet, which happens to be the same one Rey wears when she's training with Leia. The helmet file is from (not an affiliate link). However, if you would like to help support my work sharing patterns and tutorials, you can use my affiliate link  and use this code SAVE20 to save 20%!

 I didn't get many pictures during this part of the build. I printed their original file, and will try to do a better job of documenting the process as I work on the updated file! The process involved A LOT of sanding, Bondo, more sanding, priming, more sanding, and finally, painting.

Here are some of the supplies I used:

The original lightsaber file was from TerranoidLabs on Thingiverse , and with permission, I modified some of the pieces in Tinkercad to fit a blade and a high power blue LED flashlight. Its not nearly as powerful as an actual lightsaber LED but still glows! I'm working on getting the modified files prepped to share on Thingiverse.

Here's an in-progress piece, where you can see the original TerranoidLabs version (not glued together) below the pieces I'd started modifying.

At some point I'll learn about lightsaber electronics, but between the 3D printing and modeling I figured I had enough to learn, so I found a Blue LED Flashlight that I could make a bit more powerful with rechargeable 14500 batteries like this one ,  (rather than AA). The batteries I bought are no longer available on Amazon, but I've heard good things about the brand I linked to. I have this charger .

I used the original Gorilla Glue, that is activated with water, to glue the emitter parts. You do have to be careful with this type of glue because it "foams" up a bit where it squeezes out. This actually worked in my favor inside the tube because the foam parts make the lightsaber blade fit perfectly snugly. I can get a blade in, and its just tight enough to stay there without worrying about a blade retention screw. This is not going to be strong enough for combat, but is fine for a prop! I used Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Bright Coat Metallic Finish in Chrome and Rustoleum Metallic All Surface Paint and Primer in Desert Rose Gold. I may try the Copper bright coat next time  as the chrome was more metallic in some sections than the Rose Gold. I also need to take my time and do a REALLY careful job on this one to get a more metallic finish. This kind of paint is FINICKY!!!

I modeled the rank badge myself in Tinkercad and will also work on getting that file prepped to share. I used name badge magnets on the back .


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