Padme's Fireside Corset Gown Patterns

Photo by Dan Tooine Studios

I'm thrilled to finally share my patterns for Padme's Fireside Corset Gown!

I'm so proud of this one, as I won the Needlework category in the Celebration Chicago Costume Contest wearing it. One of the judges had even seen the costume in person in the archives! There were so many absolutely BREATHTAKING costumes! My husband got a bunch of photos here:

The official trophy arrived after Celebration!

Here's the PDF pattern for the gloves, corset, neckpiece, and capelet:

And here's the PDF pattern for the skirt:

The patterns were made to fit approximately a 37" bust, 30" waist, and 38" hip, at 5'7" tall. Making mock-ups on these patterns to get the fit exactly right is critical!

I spent almost 120 hours working on this costume, with over half of that time spent beading.

The corset was modified from a late 1800s corset pattern I custom drafted for myself a couple years ago. I moved the seam locations and adjusted the top and bottom, and changed it from busk front/back lacing to center front zip.

I added a train balayeuse underneath to support the skirt and protect the bottom from dragging on the floor. There's also a petticoat between the skirt and the petticoat that the train balayeuse is part of.

I made the glove pattern from a tight-fitting sleeve pattern. The choker pattern was modified from the back (back) of the neck piece of my Vice Admiral Holdo pattern.

I made the "pacman" shaped beads on the choker medallion by cutting scrap pieces of ABS plastic left over from my Stormtrooper. I painted them with gloss black paint.

For the headbands/"crown," I used two of these headbands in silver. The link is an affiliate link, which means I earn a small commission from purchases. Web hosting, photo hosting, and the software I use to digitize patterns all cost money, so any purchases (not just the specific item I linked to) you make on Amazon after clicking the link help support my work. The commissions don't come close to covering my full costs, but they help! Thank you!

If you do use any of my patterns, please tag me in WIP or finished costume pics on social media! (JenEyreCosplay on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and TikTok, and JenEyre on the RL Forums!) Seeing people use and love them is what keeps me motivated to keep digitizing and sharing new patterns!

If you'd like more guidance on how this came together, please check out my photo build album: 

You can also watch the costume "walk through" I did on Instagram Live: 


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