Fight Coronavirus with data collection


Remember learning about how communities rallied to collect tinfoil, knit socks, roll bandages, etc. during WW2? THIS IS THE EQUIVALENT IN TODAY'S DIGITAL AGE. If you want to DO something NOW, THIS IS IT.
Friends, I REALLY need your help with this. PLEASE read through and if you have the capability right now, PLEASE consider helping. This has the potential to make a HUGE difference and I need help. Please SHARE THIS!

My friend Jack put it this way, "COVID-19 may be able to pass through 3D printed plastic, or even just stay inside its porous surface. PLA, PETG, ABS, these are not medically safe plastics, let alone how problematic FDM printing as a method is for creating layer by layer seams that bacteria can hide in.
I desperately want to help too, but this isn’t how to do it. Don’t print masks. Don’t waste the plastic because no matter how dialed in your printer is, they’re not going to create a seal that can stop .12 microns, and even then the plastic itself will not stop the virus."

From some of the data we're even starting to see that for some purposes, fabric masks can do more harm than good as well. What we REALLY need now is data collection. The best thing the 3D printing community can do to fight coronavirus right now is slice something fun, start it printing, and sit down and collect some data so we can put our efforts to solutions that will actually WORK while it prints.

I've been volunteering with a group that is working to address the challenges our medical personnel are facing with the severe shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). I am leading one of the data-collection efforts. We are collecting any and all information (anecdotes, personal experiences, research, etc.) about proposed Non-Traditional/Improvised/Makeshift PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) so that those with the right knowledge and skill sets can then analyze the data to see how best to provide medical professionals with urgently-needed support and resources.
We need volunteers to monitor hashtags on social media platforms (by first searching, then by following), to search and then monitor facebook groups, and to search on other areas of the internet.
We need help collecting as much information as possible as quickly as possible—as I said, others will analyze the data later. To help, you do not need scientific training. You just need to be willing and able to navigate social media and submit information through a Google Form.
This work is important. We realize those involved are volunteers and many things can come up. If at any point you are unable to continue actively monitoring and updating your area, please let us know so we can assign another volunteer.
Here is the Google Form where you would submit data:
Please sign up in the corresponding tab on the spreadsheet if you are willing to follow hashtags on
(Public FB post hashtags are covered, thanks to Cyn!)
-some other platform I haven’t thought of
The hashtags we have so far, that you should search and follow if you commit, are:
If you can think of other hashtags we should add, please add them in comments.
Please sign up in the corresponding tab on the spreadsheet  if you are willing to take point on wading through Reddit (I imagine that may benefit from you recruiting a team as there may be multiple sub-reddits to go through. I don’t really understand Reddit…)
Please comment if you are willing to wade through the following Facebook groups (some of these are BIG projects so feel free to recruit a buddy or two and coordinate efforts - I just need one person taking responsibility)

New England COVID-19 Maker Outreach

Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies

COVID-19: Makers Collaborative

If you know of another facebook group that may be useful, please sign up in the corresponding tab on the spreadsheet and add if you are willing to follow it. (Even if you aren’t willing to follow it yourself, it is useful to have the name and link)
If you have questions about filling out the form, there is a tab on the spreadsheet to use until we set up a more formal system.
Also, if you are really intrigued and are interested in learning more and helping with the main group’s efforts (especially if you have tech/medical/project management/maker skills … and lots of other skills too) PM me through and I can share more info.


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