Pack like a champion

All the luggage my husband and I brought to Celebration Chicago
Let me start by saying that for a while, I was a MASTER of one bag travel, even for longer trips! I discovered this website, , and purchased the recommended MEI Voyageur Bag. I love this bag so much I bring it EVERY time I fly, and on pretty much every other trip as well. I even bought one for my husband! Read the article on and you'll see why this type of bag is IDEAL for packing as much as possible in your carry on bag.

As you may realize, from the picture, I no longer travel with my single carry-on bag. HOWEVER... being able to pack VERY lightly with my "real life" items enables me to MAXIMIZE packing costumes!

Sometimes, you can't risk checking items. For Celebration, I was NOT willing to risk anything happening to my Fireside Padme costume, as I was wearing it in the costume contest. Fortunately, that was one of the few Padme costumes that can compress down fairly easily, so I was able to easily fit it in my MEI Voyageur, along with my CPAP machine.

***Before I continue, let me preface that from this point in the article on, many of the links in this article are affiliate links. You won't pay anything extra if you purchase one of my recommendations through the link, but I may earn a small commission, which would go towards the web, file, and photo hosting costs, as well as software fees. I love being able to digitize and share my patterns for free, and any affiliate earnings help make that cost a little less out of my own pocket. ***


The patch-covered vest I'm wearing in the picture at the top is from Scottevest, my absolute favorite pocket, I mean travel clothing, company. I'd worn their vests or jackets while flying for years before I started covering this particular vest with galactic patches. I also have a bunch of their other tops. There are SO many pockets in the vests that you could essentially skip packing a personal item, as anything you might have put in there can fit in the pockets. (Or, if you're like me, you'll then pack costume related items in that now-empty personal item....) There are extra secure pockets for your passport and other key documents. You can fit a water bottle inside! And when the vest or jacket is fully loaded up, it is not necessarily the most flattering, but it is a great way to carry all your necessities hands-free. But seriously, check them out here: Look like a traveler, not a tourist. SCOTTeVEST clothing blend fashion and function for the ultimate travel experience!


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