Vice Admiral Holdo Pattern

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***5/28/2018 edit*** the fold mark is missing from the "neck over" piece! Also, here ar

***2/28/2018 edit****
Thanks to the awesome   Simon of  , here is a lovely digitized version of my Holdo pattern!!!! He took my scans below and got them to the correct size, then digitized the lines, which I was then able to plop into Inkscape and export into tiles in a printable PDF pattern! The above file is for 8 1/2 x 11" paper, and here is the A4 version.

***5/28/2018 edit*** the fold mark is missing from the "neck over" piece! Also, here are some pictures to help you see where the neck bits line up. A, B, and C on the Over piece end up becoming a straight line.


As I wait to hear on my Rebel Legion submission, I figured I'd share my pattern!

JenEyre's Vice Admiral Holdo Pattern  ****don't use this version!! Use the awesome version above!!!!*****

HOPEFULLY these patterns aren't distorted. I lined them up on a quilting cutting mat and "scanned" them using Notes on my iPhone. That allows you to select the corners and should, in theory, provide a final version that isn't distorted.

Please let me know how this actually worked if you try this out!

Here's an interesting option for resizing patterns  . They have this free calculator tool, but also have a paid version that will tile your enlargement. If you google "enlarge pattern" you'll find tons of tutorials. I usually scan the pattern and import it into Inkscape (a free Illustrator type program). I have a paid extension ,  that I use to tile and export patterns. If I had the time, I could import all my scanned pieces, size them up to the correct size, and export the pattern that way. I just have too much on my plate for that right now!

If you find my pattern helpful, please post pictures and tag me! ( @JenEyreCosplay on instagram, twitter, Facebook, or Vero)  I love knowing I was able to help!


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