Leia Hair Buns How-To Video and Supply List

***Update- August 2019***

I now use a slightly different strategy, as my hair is now too long and bulky to fit under the real buns. Now, I make two pony tails, anchor the top of the hair piece into the ponytail, and wrap my own hair into the extension. I recommend using product on the ends of your hair to keep the pieces from sticking out. I'll update with this method at some point!

***End Update- August 2019***

 Currently, most of my cosplay wigs are from Arda. Use my referral link to get free shipping on your first order!

Anyways, here are my amazon affiliate links to my suggested supplies. If you purchase through one of my links, there's no increased cost to you, and I get a small commission.


This variety pack can work,

but I just ordered a GIANT box!

Some regular bobby pins are important too!

  Heavy duty ponytail holders:

The tiny near-invisible ponytail holders . They're basically one time use, which I don't mind.

The wire comb

More Leia info:

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Senatorial Leia Research

Senatorial Leia Finished!

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Leia Hair Buns How-To Video and Supply List


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