Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi!

I already had one of Arda's long clips in dark brown, leftover from the hair I ordered for my Ceremonial Leia. And I just realized that I posted my pattern and accessory sources, but not pictures of the actual garment! Maybe I should post those before I start on my Senatorial Leia. . . .
Anyway. . . I decided to use the two long clips for the buns after reading Kay-Dee's wonderful tutorial. I was in part inspired to start this costume after reading about the origin's of Leia's hair.

Even if it would PROBABLY be faster and easier to hand draw patterns, I still love putting them into Inkscape and making printable PDF patterns. I'm indebted to the work from , Check her work out for assembly instructions!

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Other really useful references:

Oh, and here are the finished bunz . . .


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