Princess Leia Yavin Ceremony - Accessory Sources

Here's the original listing for the necklace and cuff bracelet I purchased.

The bracelet and necklace are now separate, with the necklace here and the bracelet here. I HIGHLY recommend them! I got tons of compliments at DragonCon! The bracelet was a bit big on my wrist, but it actually fit over my fitbit Alta perfectly! I positioned the screen in the opening so I could discretely check the time.

Here are the shoes I found on Ebay. The sole was starting to detach, so I did have to use Shoe Goo (amazon affiliate link - if you purchase through this link, I'd earn a small commission) to reattach both soles. They held up just fine for the photo shoot, although I did switch to flats for walking around. I made sure the hem of the gown would work with flats, figuring I didn't want to worry about people in DragonCon crowds stepping on my dress!

Hair! I used an Odango Bun in dark brown from Arda Wigs over my natural bun. My fantastic hair dresser actually got my hair to perfectly match the the wig! I split long wefts in dark brown in two, and braided each. I sewed one around the Odango bun, and left enough length to wrap around the level of the bun made from my own hair. I sewed the hanging braid into the bun, and lined up the wrapping braid so the end would be hidden underneath. Use my link to get free shipping on your first order!


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  1. Those shoes look like standard Navy issue pumps (ugh) painted silver! Looks like I may have a use for mine after all... lol!