Why a Stormtrooper?

I tend to pick costumes that provide some sort of challenge, or problem to be solved. I wanted to make a Resistance Rey (Rey at the end of The Force Awakens) because her vest presented an interesting challenge.

I decided to make an Imperial Staff Officer because I knew that both making the pattern and executing the tailoring would be satisfying challenges. With that project, I knew I had all the skills necessary to succeed, as much of the process actually mirrored the construction of many of my Victorian garments.


Knowing I could pull that off also meant that it wasn't actually stretching my skills that much. I needed a bigger challenge. . .

Okay, so here's the truth. At all the 501stNEG / Alderaan Base troops I've done so far, our Stormtroopers totally steal the show. Well, sometimes I can hold my own as Leia, but the Stormtroopers are always a hit. And when you're not portraying a face character, you have a lot more flexibility with your role play or improvisation. For example, I remember this stormtrooper - teenage fan interaction at my very first troop:

Teenager - How much was your armor?
TK - It was free.
Teenager - Wow!!! Where do you get it from?
TK - It's free when you join the Empire.
Teenager - No, I mean how much?
TK - You just enlist as a Stormtrooper . ..

No matter how much the teen tried, he couldn't get that TK to break! As an avid LARPer (Live Action Role Player) I loved it! I think that was the moment when I knew I'd ultimately don the white armor.

At a more recent event, I witnessed another interaction, which set me along the path to the dark side for good. . .

Teenager - Who's your dad?
TK - Lord Vader
Teenager - Who's your mom?
TK- Lord Vader
Teenager - Who's your grandpa?
TK - Grandpa Vader
Teenager - Who's your grandma?
TK - Grandma Vader

And then I decided to jump in.


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