Episode IX Rey Patterns

 I believe this is the first time I've finished a Star Wars costume while the movie was still in theaters! (I still want to fine-tune a few things for wearability and add more accessories!) I'm so excited to share my Episode IX Rey patterns. There is a HUGE community on Facebook working together to help others build Rey's costumes! Most of my builds (especially Leia costumes) benefit from the research and expertise of many others, but I don't think I've ever drawn on the collective costuming power of so many before!

I have the reforged saber from Galaxy’s Edge. I was very fortunate to have a friend who picked it up and shipped it home!

The yellow saber is the one modded from Natalie’s file to fit over a Savi’s lightsaber base. Fortunately, I'd picked up a yellow kyber crystal so I could match my yellow Jedi Librarian when I was at Disneyland!

I use Kristen J’s file for the belt buckle and her patterns for the holster, belt, and arm cuff.
I modified Daisy V’s hood pattern and used Jessica A’s wrist cuff pattern. You can find all those files in the Facebook group!

JenEyre's Episode IX Rey pants pattern I used Freya H's knee pad pattern.
JenEyre's Episode IX Rey Shirt (Front, Back, Shoulder, and collar) pattern I used Daisy V's hood pattern.

The patterns were made to fit a 37" bust, 30 or 31" waist, and 38" hip, at 5'7" tall.

I ordered 10 yards of silk tulle from AliExpress, and had maybe 2 yards to spare. I'm glad to have the extra in case I snag any badly and need to replace a section!

I found a modal jersey at Mood in NYC for the shirt that perfectly matched the Silk Charmeuse I found at a tiny shop in the garment district. As the shirt has two layers, I suggest at least a yard and a half to be safe. I used the non-shiny side of the silk for the hood and collar. I interfaced one side of the hood (the outer piece) and both sides of the collar. I also added interfacing to both layers of the shoulder pieces and the bottom layer of the v-neck of the shirt. I used about a yard and a half of the silk.

I managed to fit the pants on one yard of this DELICIOUS Stretch Scuba backed suede, but I'd suggest a yard and a half, or more, depending on your size. I didn't add padding to the knees, as the fabric was rather thick. I backed the kneepads with white broadcloth, to reduce bulk in the seams.

Here are the finished pictures...

I'll hopefully get around to a write up on this costume, but until then you can follow along with the pictures in my build album


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