Sew you want to be a Jedi - My Jedi Pattern

One of my pictures from when I submitted my first Jedi! It gives a good idea of how the skirt drapes.

As I'm currently glued to my couch recovering from FanExpo Boston and a couple of days of marathon sewing to finish my generic Jedi Librarian, I figured I should FINALLY finish digitizing my Generic Jedi pattern. This should easily fit a ladies commercial sewing pattern size 14, and should actually work pretty easily for the 12-16 range.  This isn't a gender specific pattern, though, so anything around the 40" chest range should work. This isn't hard to adjust for fit! If you're nervous about cutting into your good fabric, pick up some old bed sheets at a thrift store and make a mock-up!

And more details on putting together the rest of your Jedi here: 

I used a lighter weight fabric for my Generic Jedi Librarian, but the same outer tunic pattern. I just extended the length of the front tabards and skipped the lower back tabards.

Finally, here's a beautiful tutorial on how to do shoulder tucks. I find my outer tunic fits me best, and looks coolest, when I add shoulder tucks! I'll take pictures or make a tutorial at some point for how I do mine but for now, I'm not going to reinvent the wheel!

As always, let me know if you have questions! I'm pretty sure I set up the blog to notify me if I get comments, but your best bet for a timely answer is messaging me through

May the Force be with you!

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