Corona Storytime

Community organization request for access to #coronastories spreadsheet

Please fill out this form if you and your organization would like access to the #coronastories spreadsheet, a listing linking to YouTube videos of stories read for kids by volunteers dressed up as characters. The spreadsheet is sortable based on character, book title, and more.


Massachusetts and New England have been hit especially hard by Coronavirus. With schools now closed, kids are isolated and missing out on social interaction and fun.

What can cheer kids up AND promote literacy? Hearing stories read by their favorite characters!

I teach in Boston, and last month got to see the students light up when members of our local Star Wars costuming clubs visited classrooms to read stories to them. Let's bring some of that same magic to kids at home!


Dress up in costume and read a book or story on camera. If possible, please try to display the words on camera or on screen, as seeing text as it is read aloud helps in developing literacy skills. That is not mandatory, however! 

Upload your video to YouTube and set the privacy to Unlisted.

Fill out the form below for each submission. The more the merrier! Participants from around the world and around the galaxy are welcome! We also encourage stories in languages other than English!


For now, the survey results will go into a spreadsheet that can be shared with schools, libraries, hospitals, and other community organizations. They can request access here (Please share with your favorite groups!) Organizations anywhere in the world can request access, not just those in New England!

All G rated family-friendly costumes are welcome, whether made from scratch, purchased, or pulled from your closet! You absolutely do not need to be a member of any formal costuming clubs to participate!  If you are a member of one of the LFL recognized costuming clubs, please identify yourself as a member of that club at the start of your video.

Also, PLEASE follow guidelines related to social distancing as you create these videos. Of course, you can team up with any other characters you live with, but I urge you to collaborate digitally with anyone else! Let's set a good example and help flatten the curve!

I did not come up with the #coronastories concept that has been flourishing on social media, but I'm excited to help facilitate that spirit in a way that schools, libraries, and other organizations can utilize! (And if you know who originated the idea, please let me know so I can give them credit!


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