Qi'ra Crimson Dawn dress pattern

Photo by Bryan Humphrey
To celebrate passing 1,000 followers on Instagram (@JenEyreCosplay), I ran a "share-away" contest where people could vote for which pattern I digitized next. Qi'ra won by a landslide, with almost 50% of the vote!

JenEyre's Qi'ra Crimson Dawn pattern

This is a challenging garment as you have to get the fit just right. Make sure you make a mock-up using fabric of similar weight! Then adjust and make another mock-up! Even if your measurements are exactly the same as mine, (C-37, W-30, H-39), your shape is going to be different, so make a mock-up! Or two, or three!

I used two invisible zippers on the right side seam. Both open from the waist and the zipper pulls are hidden by the belt. One starts under my right arm and the other starts on my hip. For guidance on construction, you can follow pictures I took as I worked here. And I'm happy to answer questions!

Other helpful links from my blog:
I'm working on adding the rest of my construction pictures here and am adding reference images to this album.

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Finally, more Qi'ra pictures from DragonCon 2018, by Bryan Humprey https://www.facebook.com/MSwaC/


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