Dyeing to make Vice Admiral Holdo

Apologies for the puns. I'm a middle school teacher. I love puns.

I dyed my first two test swatches for Vice Admiral Holdo yesterday. The containers I used were definitely too small, as the results came out a bit blotchy in a few spots. Not a big deal at this point!

After adding the soda ash, I only left them in for another half hour, not a full hour. So, they could have potentially gotten darker. However, I had to head into Boston to see the final performance of the production of Julius Caesar I costumed, so I was short on time!

I hung them up to dry, after rinsing each separately in this new gadget: (amazon associate link - you pay nothing extra if you buy through my link, but I earn a small commission, which helps me spend more money on supplies for more projects and tutorials!) *** Update 2/28/18 - I ended up returning the mini-washer, as it wasn't big enough for the size of my final batch***

We have a high efficiency top loading washer, so I didn't want to bother trying to figure out how to dye in there. Also, I wanted to figure out a formula and technique any of you could recreate. As I don't know exactly how much water goes in my washing machine, or if I can even get it to hold the water with the dye and agitate for the time I need, I figured I'd try this. I may still end up dying in a big home depot bucket, using a giant wooden spoon to stir, but this washing machine is super handy for rinsing!

Here are the damp swatches. . .the string in the background is leftover from when I used it to dry "bloody" props and accessories for Julius Caesar!

Here are the results. . . . in four different types of lighting! Two bathrooms, dining room, and by the sliding glass door to overcast daylight. 

I'm thinking about doing another test with half as much of the brazil nut. . . color is so tricky!!!! And it looks different in each light!


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