The Boots were on sale, so Rey it is!

Before I get caught up on posting some of my recent projects, I figured I'd start a totally new one!

I'm pretty new to Star Wars Costuming at the 501st /Rebel Legion level, but so far I can tell that its pretty rare that you can actually buy an off the shelf screen accurate piece. However, Rey's boots happen to be available from a company called Po Zu! Plus, they are ridiculously comfortable. Bonus!

Here I am laying on the floor with my feet in the air to model them for you!

It looks like Po Zu is putting the old version of Rey's boots on sale (£92.50) to clear them out before the more expensive (£150.00) Star Wars branded version arrives in August. A coupon code for 10% off pops up if you sign up for their newsletter. Shipping was £10, so with the 10% off, my total was £93.25. Make sure to use a card with no foreign transaction fees, and watch out, because your card company may flag it and decline the charge (mine did the first time)! USD total was $120.77.

I picked up a pair of pants from Savers (a goodwill/salvation army type store) and figure I'll get enough fabric from cutting them to capri length that I can use the bottoms for the knee pads.

I ordered this fabric for the vest

I'm going to try this for the upper arm wrap parts. Ordering a full yard was only a couple dollars more than a swatch, so I figured I'd take a chance. It didn't quite work, so I ended up using some wrinkly textured cotton in the best shade I could find, compared to the vest.

Next step is probably to start draping the vest on my dress form. Lately, I've been using old bedsheets I picked up at Savers for this, but I'll probably use Swedish trading paper, which is a bit more stiff that the sheets.


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