Princess Leia Ceremony Gown - Pattern

I've meant to post a "how-to" on my Princess Leia Ceremony Gown. Well, that hasn't happened.

(Picture by the amazingly talented Gerry Francisco)

Right after I got Rebel Legion approval (yay!) I got hit with a nasty bout of vertigo (boo). I haven't been up to any new projects, but I was able to scan the pieces of this gown. There is a 1/2 inch margin on each side. You *should* be able to assemble this and get your own pattern. I suggest you assemble it and then trace the pieces with Swedish tracing paper. The pieces overlap, so you might also just print it out multiple times.

My commercial pattern size is a 14. The most useful fitting piece for this pattern, however, is that this should fit someone who is 5' 7" and wear a 36D perfectly.

I added an extra inner lining in a fabric close to my skin tone. That REALLY helps avoid lines! Both the nude lining fabric and the white layer were stretchy. I cut the sheer layer, which was not stretchy, on the bias, which helped it drape nicely.


I had to adjust the shape of the sheer overlay so I could tack it to the outer sleeve so it wouldn't fall forward. I made approximate adjustments on the pattern, but I haven't tested that version. Also, I'm not sure where I put the shoulder sleeve liner piece, so I redrafted that the same way I drafted the original.

Princess Leia Ceremony Gown Hand Drawn Pattern



  1. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your work!
    Would you have any construction notes, particularly on the overlay and the "wings"? It's the only part I'm having difficulty with.
    - Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa! I just saw this message - I need to figure out how to enable notifications for comments on my posts! If you still have questions, messaging me through facebook is the best way!

  2. What would you do with this pattern, for a full-figured petite (5'2" and a 32H, roughly 32" waist and 38" hips)?

  3. I'd print out and assemble the pattern, at least the bust part. Then, I'd measure across all the pieces at bust height. I'd figure out how many inches I needed to add and divide that among all the seams. I'm not sure how much of a difference there is between 34d/36c and 32h, but try making a mock-up of the bodice out of old bed sheets or scrap fabric, and see how it goes! if the overall bust measurement is pretty close, you might just need to adjust the fit of your mock up with pins to get the right curve around your bus line. Send me a message through Facebook if you have more questions as I haven't yet figured out how to get notifications on comments here :-)